Thank goodness for dog daycare

1 Aug

I love Tuesdays and Thursdays. Those are the days Wyatt goes to daycare and he is actually tired at night.
He has been going to Doguroo for about 4 years now and always drags me in. I don’t think every dog is cut out for daycare though. I was lucky in finding Doguroo. I didn’t realize that until I started looking at other daycare facilities when trying to find a “small dogs only” place to take Ren. If you are considering taking your dog to daycare – here are my “4 C” recommendations as to what to look:

1. Clean.
Is it clean? The staff really have to stay on top of things with dozens of dogs “taking care of business” in the same room all day. Some facilities have outdoor areas for the dogs – Doguroo is indoor only. Things can get stinky quick if the staff isn’t constantly on top of things.

2. Consistent
Are the same staff members there consistently? Or is the daycare run by a bunch of short-timers. Dog’s like routine, and they like to see the same people over and over. Long-term staff also know who gets along, who the trouble makers are – and can keep the pack happier than a group of employees that turn over quickly. At our daycare I believe most staff members have been there for the entire time we have been going. They know Wyatt by name and he loves to see them all.

3. Care
Do they care? Again – kind of the same as the short-timer staff. You want your dog to be in the hands of people who really love animals. At Doguroo there is always one or more staff members in the area with the dogs. They are constantly walking around and interacting. More importantly, they are right there to intervene if a scuffle breaks out. Doguroo has webcam that you can tune into anytime, and they also take pictures each day and post online.

4. Contained
Can your dog escape? Are the fences/walls around the area where the dogs stay secure? Are there double doors when entering the building? The dog area? I looked at a place that I was considering taking Ren that catered to small dogs – but there was just a single gate in the dog area. She is a bit of an escape artist – and could zoom through a single gate in a blink of an eye.

Make sure you check out a few locations before you decide which is best for you and your dog.  Reading reviews online is alway a good way to get a feel for the place.  You will soon know by your dogs reaction when entering the building whether it’s something they enjoy!