Organic Flea Control

2 Aug

I try and put as little chemicals on and in my dogs as possible. I feed organic foods and treats. I use all natural grooming products. I follow Dr Dodd’s vaccine schedule. I only give Heartworm medicine only in the months dogs are exposed to mosquitos. I however still use Advantage (imidacloprid) like crack. Well not like crack – more like every 45 days during the summer months. Still – I felt I wanted to give “natural” flea control a try and that is what I am doing.

The dogs got an Advantage about 4 weeks ago and I saw the first flea on Wyatt yesterday. Normally I would have just reapplied the advantage. Here’s the new plan

For the house: Flea Trap light
I was skeptical about this at first – but it has “caught” 2 fleas in a few days. This “should” help with any fleas that get on the rugs, furniture, etc

For the yard: Diatomaceous Earth
Wow – this is some super fine powder. Don’t think of trying to apply it without something like this. I applied this all over the yard last night and it didn’t take very long.

For the dogs: Sentry Natural Defense
Not sure about this stuff. Its made of peppermint, clove, etc. I put just a few drops on Wyatt. He went out a short time later and did his best to grind the red clay in our yard into his fur to remove the dreadful citronelly smell. He did a pretty good job. He came to the back door – red with clay – with an extra greasy “rhodesian ridgeback like” line down his back. So 3 baths later – I thought maybe I would try some of the Diatomaceous on him…


Since this post on Aug 2, I have not had to use ANY CHEMICALS on the dogs!! I have had a few fleas here and there – but nothing a comb once a week couldn’t take care of.  I am not sure if was the dry weather or other factors – but we will have to see what happens next year!!


Ren Posing with the Flea Trap