Bowls to make your dog eat more slowly

3 Aug

Do you wish your dogs would eat more slowly? I do.  Wyatt and Simon will gulp there food so fast then will usually end up choking. I think it’s worse is multi-dog households because the dogs want to eat as fast as they can so they can run over and eat other dogs food. Not fun for anyone!

Brake-Fast Bowl

I have a Brake-fast bowl for Wyatt.  It has 3 “bumps” in the center of it that dogs have to eat around. It slows  him down – but I am not sure how much a dog with a wider face would enjoy it. It was also fairly expensive and it’s starting to chip a bit. It does slow him down though.
Simon eats out of metal bowl with a stainless steel ball in it.  It works well too. I can out everything in the dishwasher, and the ball was just a few dollars from Petsmart. Either method works well – and slows the chowhounds down!

Dog Bowl with Stainless Steel Ball