Camp Gone to the Dogs – Hogwarts for Dogs

5 Aug

If you have ever wanted to take a week-long vacation WITH your dog this is the place for you! The camp is in Vermont at a college campus and is all-inclusive. The week starts out on a Sunday afternoon with wine and cheese and dogs of all sizes arriving from around the country. You have the option of staying on campus in a dorm, or at a nearby motel. The real action starts Monday morning with dozens of daily dog activities starting at 7:30 am.  Here is the schedule from June 2011. (I have already signed up for 2012!) One thing I must call out is – the staff/instructors are top-notch and really know their stuff.

Beyond the amazing setting, instructors and classes – is the food! Meals are served 3 times per day in the dining hall as a group. Really for the price you pay for the week, I don’t know how they do it.

The week ends with chocolate bon-bons,  more wine, awards and showing off. If you have the chance to ever attend – I would highly recommend it.