7 Aug

There is a new fun sport called K9 Nosework®.

You teach a dog to find an odor using similar methods that are used to train dogs for search and rescue work.  We attended a seminar in Atlanta last year, and are heading up to Asheville for second one in November.  We also start a class at Canine Pd.D. this week.

Ren has been taught to find the scent of Birch. A few drops of the Birch oil are placed on a guaze pad, when is then placed into a tin with a few holes in the lid. The tin is then hidden. In the video below, Ren knows to “find” the birch, then signal with her paw when she finds it.

Birch Oil and Tin

This sport is a TON of fun, easy to do in a small area, and provides tons of stimulation for the dog.


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  1. O.R.T – Odor Recognition Test « No Kids – Just Dogs - August 17, 2011

    […] are registered for an ORT test in November! An ORT is part of the K9 Nosework training I am going with Ren. It the first step in preparing to compete in Nosework trials. […]

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