Wyatt’s Commercial Debut

12 Aug

Wyatt shot his first commercial last year. He had big shoes to fill after his sister Hannah. He is a very friendly, social, unphased dog – who is also very well trained 🙂 so the shoot was a piece of cake. Most of what he had to do in the commerical he already knew from Agility – A stay, go away from me, lay down, and come when I call you. The only extra thing I had to teach his was to but his head down. Wyatt is a very reliable working dog – inside. He is not “bad” outside – but can be distracted by other animals that could be considered prey. We had a great time this day.

The Final Product…


One Response to “Wyatt’s Commercial Debut”

  1. Barry August 15, 2011 at 10:57 pm #

    Well trained dog…

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