O.R.T – Odor Recognition Test

17 Aug

We are registered for an ORT test in November! An ORT is part of the K9 Nosework training I am going with Ren. It the first step in preparing to compete in Nosework trials. Basically she has to do one of her “find it” drills from my prior post in front of a judge. We are very excited. It looking at the National Association of Canine Scent Work (NACSW) website, there are currently no other Chin with a Nosework title. Would be exciting if we could be one of the first! Still at least a year away though… We are also attending a Continuing Nosework Seminar in Asheville in November. We currently take a fabulous weekly class at Canine PHd in Atlanta – so we are well on our way to trying out competition one day.

One thing I have not done a good job at is having Ren work with a harness and long line on. We have done all her training off leash. When introducing a new “skill” to your dog, you never want to change more than one thing at a time. Even though walking around with a harness and leash on might not seem like a big deal to us, it can really through a dog off.  After learning the ORT had to be performed on leash, I ordered Ren a Pink Camo harness. It’s not easy finding her a harness that fits – it has to be a “Step-in” type because most of slip over the head  harnesses that small enough for her body won’t fit over her head. Anyway  – we practiced Nosework at home this week first with just the harness, then a few times with the long-line attached. We will see how this pans out at class tonight.

No Problem at class!


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