Birch Scent lasts a long time…

19 Aug

For anyone reading this post that does Nosework with your dog, you might find it interesting. I apologize to everyone else!

So I decided to do a few finds with Ren this afternoon in the bedroom, as we haven’t work in there in a few weeks. The room has “extra stuff” out like suitcases, phone chargers, paperwork etc as we are getting ready for our trip to Santa Monica next week!

On a separate note, I have been doing some research into the height of finds in Nosework trials. I have been wondering how Ren would be able to eventually handle a 4ft find…

Anyway, I placed my container with Birch near the head of my bed on a low nightstand – usually pretty easy for Ren.  She entered the room and started working –  a few moments zeroed in on my dresser. She kept standing there staring at my dresser (her indicator is a “stare at mom”). She even got up on her hind legs trying to sniff higher up. Being the smart handler that I am, I KNEW the find wasn’t there.  She just stood there  and I wasn’t sure what was going on. Eventually I “helped” her locate the find I placed and rewarded.

The round metal container under the paper has the birch Qtip in it.

Shortly after that I was looking for my car keys – which we also on the dresser – and spotted what she found.  In February 2010 I attended a Nosework Seminar with Amy and Ron in Canton, Georgia. About a week after that I bought a tin and birch and played around with Wyatt and Nosework for a bit – then stopped (more on that later). Ren had found the container that hadn’t been scented since 2010 (that still had the Q-tip in it) that was on my dresser with a bunch of stuff I randomly pulled out of a drawer. UGH!! She indicated on a VERY faint scent and I ignored it. I hate it when I mess my dogs up. I grabbed the container and some treats and did a few really easy finds on the very faint scent.  She nailed it every time.


One Response to “Birch Scent lasts a long time…”

  1. Barry August 23, 2011 at 9:28 pm #

    That 15 years of agility was an interesting story…

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