A Thoroughbred Chorkie

4 Oct

In my day job, I am a marketer. I have spent the last 10 years selling stuff to hundreds of thousands of people with slogans, graphics and catchy product names.  Working at a vet clinic for ten plus years in my “past life” I was exposed to new dog owners on a daily basis, sometimes just hours after purchasing their new “Micro” Chorkie from one of the many petshops in South Florida.  Saying you have a Micro Chorkie is like saying you have a WhatzitMajigger. There is no such thing.  It’s a marketing term made-up to sell you a puppy for profit. One of the things owners were always very excited about was that their $1000+ puppy who was a “Thoroughbred” Micro breed with a Pedigree. Of course now all the puppies available on the internet have made things even worse.

When they would come in for that first check up with the new family member and their stack of paperwork – I had to just bite my tongue – it was too late. There was no point in bursting their bubble and possibly resently their puppy. Hopefully I can help educate a few perspective pet owners who are tempted to purchase a dog. I hope this post will help teach you what this dog lingo really means. Make sure you are an educated buyer (if you choose to buy vs adopt)

Thoroughbred: Is a type of horse – just like a Boston Terrier is a breed of dog. The term Thoroughbred does not pertain to dogs in any way.

Purebred: The term means that the parents and grandparents (and all prior generations) of the dog are known to be of that same breed.  A purebred Chihuahua puppy has Chihuahua parents and grandparents and great grandparents (and etc).  There are several different Registries that track this family tree, known as a Pedigree. Although the term “Purebred” sounds attractive – it is still no guarantee of anything.  Having a Purebred dog does not guarantee health or temperment of the dog.

Pedigree:  Everyone dog has one 🙂 It means genealogical descent whether documented or not. This should not be considered a “selling point” for a dog.

Dog Pedigree

Registered: When your puppy is registered with a kennel club or other registry, it simply means it is “signed-up” with that registry. The “major”  kennel club here in the US maintains a pedigree registry. Each dog receives a unique number. If that dog has offspring, each of the puppies can receive their own unique number. It’s really nothing more that a family tree that is documented.

My dog has “papers”: Some registries allow you to send in money and your application form – and you get a Papers for your dog. Other registries make you send in a health certificate from a vet, photos, xrays and more before they will issue papers. Some are in-between.

Designer Dog:  Is a mixed breed dog that has been well marketed. Other names for Designer Dog are mixed breed, All American and Mutt. Commonly the dog supplier will acquire different breeds of dogs, allow them to breed, make up a name – and sell them. Names are usually the first part of the name of one parent, and the last part of name of the other.  A  supplier might breed a Yorkshire Terrier bred with a Poodle – and say the puppies are “Yorki-Poos” and charge $1000.

A Yorki-Poo is not a breed. The reason people might pay $1000 for a dog is that is a trained protection dog, has amazing herding lines and will be working on a cattle ranch in charge of running the ranch, or maybe will be a trusted hunting partner and has a pedigree with a long line of hunting dogs.

You can go to any shelter and find and name your own designer dog.  If you need help making up the name – let me know 🙂

Micro/Mini/Teacup:/Pocket Most of the time, this is just a made-up marketing term.  There are a handful of breeds that  legitimally have “miniature” in their names – like a Miniature Schnauzer.  There is no such thing is a Mini or Micro Yorkie.

Full Blooded:  Another term for Purebred.

My advice is – if you are tempted with purchasing anything called a Pomapoo, Puggle, or Snorkie – head straight to your nearest shelter and find your own designer breed. If suppliers keep selling, they will also keep breeding. Here are some Designer Dogs sitting in Shelters right now…


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