2011 AKC Agility Invitational

11 Oct

The 2011 AKC Agility Invitational will be held this year in Orlando, Florida on December 16-18, 2011.  Only the top Five dogs per  breed will be invited – making the Invitational a prestigious event for anyone to be invited to.  Wyatt and I aren’t going this year (maybe one day!) but I know several friends and fellow agility competitors who are. One of them happens to be my best friend, Jayne and Penny her Lhasa Apso.  I asked her a few questions about the upcoming competition.

How long you and Penny have been competing now?  7 years and this is Penny’s 5th year invited to the Invitational!
What is your favorite moment at an agility trial?  It’s right before we go in the ring and I look down at her and she is barking at me – I am so lucky to have such an awesome partner
What you are doing to prepare for the invitational? Mostly conditioning – exercises for core strength and hiking
Advice for anyone hoping to qualify for the invitational? Relax!
What you are looking forward to most about attending?  Being able to see old friends and meet new ones

Stay tuned for more updates as the events draws closer.


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