Feeding Time

15 Nov

Kibbles N Bits - how did dogs survive?

A few years ago in Perry Georgia I was in a restaurant with a table full of agility competitors who were just about to sit down to dinner after a fun day with our dogs. Then someone said it. “Who here feeds kibble vs Raw?” Everyone just froze and stared at each other. We all knew along with Religion and Policitics, “What you Feed your Dogs” is the third topic to NEVER bring up in a group of dog people! If you have ever had that conversation before, or feel strongly about feeding, you know exactly what I am talking about.

I take a pretty holistic approach to my dogs health care – and am thrilled to see everyone living long and happy lives. I really don’t ever have to go to the vet except for wellness exams (and cat attacks) For as long as I can remember I have always made sure my dog’s food was an “approved” food  on the Whole Dog Journal’s yearly list.

Dog eating whole Rabbit Carcass

Many of my friends feed their dogs raw – so I have felt the “peer pressure”. Reading what I have about the evolution of the dog, I just haven’t been convinced that raw is the way to go for me and my dogs.  Without getting into the whole discussion, and this is just my 2cents, dogs evolved as scavengers at the fireside, and probably ate whatever they could. Not sure how many once domesticated actually caught and ate whole rabbits.. ANYWAY. Besides not fully embracing the logic of feeding raw, I don’t like raw meat. I don’t like to touch it, and I don’t like to clean up after it.

It does make sense to though that dogs need to eat fresh, unprocessed food.  Up until recently, my dogs have been fed kibble, which I try and change out with a new brand every few months. Most recently they have been on Now! by Petcurean. I supplement the kibble with cooked meat, yogurt, cottage cheese, salmon, veggies, and wheat grass.  Again – I have no problems with anyone – and they are thriving.

Even with all that, I have read so much about feeding dogs raw foods (unprocessed), and continued to hear so much about Honest Kitchen. After lots of reading and research, HK is now part of the mix – and the dogs love it! The thing that struck me the most about the food is the color.  I never realized until I starting feeding Honest Kitchen how other foods had no color. This is what is says on their website:

Honest Kitchen

The most obvious visual difference between The Honest Kitchen’s diets and canned or extruded foods, is the vibrant colors that remain intact through the gentle process of dehydration. Numerous studies have highlighted the importance of the bright pigments that exist in fresh fruits and vegetables. These vivid substances are potent phytonutrients–antioxidants, which are highly beneficial for total health and well-being. The enzyme content of dehydrated food is also much higher than conventional pet food.

Their website is a wealth of information. I would recommend checking out their site – including their recipes and nutritional ebook

So the pack is loving their new blend – I feel like I am feeding the best thing to them I possible can – human grade, unprocessed food!


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