I guess next year’s cake will be a Cat…

15 Nov

I got Wyatt a Squirrel Birthday cake last month in honor of him “taking care” of the squirrel that came down our chimney.  Not sure about the Cat cake though..

So this happened a few weeks ago and he is all healed up now – but wasn’t a fun weekend.

We have a 6ft chain link fence that is very secure. Apparently a cat decided our yard would be a great place to hang out… NOT! (Feral cats are living behind my house – not good) So Wyatt got let out the back door to go in the yard, not knowing the cat was sitting right by the door. He ran straight to it with mouth open and never let go.  The cat fought hard to try and get away as you can see in the pictures.  Took him straight to the vet and got him started on antibiotics and painkillers and had a bad first night.  He has had a million little bites, scrapes and scratches in the past, but I had never seen him in pain before 😦

I know some Terrier folks really use their dogs to hunt Raccoons, Badgers, etc. They have to have some nerves of steel to do that !

So by the second day he was much better and back to himself.  Now I just have to figure out how I can stop this from happening again…



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