Nosework Road Kit

12 Dec

Nosework Kit Contents

Nosework Kit - full of stuff

I find myself venturing out with Ren more and more to take our Nosework practice “on the road” – and to work exteriors, interiors, etc in locations outside of my property.  I always find myself wandering around the house before I leave running through the checklist in my head to make sure I have everything.  That won’t happen anymore!

I found a fantastic Eena canvas bag on Olive Green Dog that is the just the perfect size.

My homemade kit includes:

1. Tape – for securing Qtips to various locations. (I need to get a second kind of tape to change things up)

2. Otterbox – Since I don’t want to take my whole glass jar of Qtips with me when I leave the house I got an Otterbox airtight box.  I get my hides into their containers before I leave the house, and transport them in the Otterbox. The cool sticker on the box is something I got from Highland Pets

3. Sticky treats – Liver paste in a can. I hate giving my dogs crappy treats like this, but needed something that would “stick” to hides for self-rewarding. I think I found an Organic sticky paste – so hopefully this stuff will be coming out of the Nosework kit soon!

4. Handwipes – To wipe food off hands, containers, etc

5. Longline  and Harness

6. Treat pouch

7. Hemostats – for handling the odor

8. Rubber Gloves – for handling the odor

So all this stuff that was scattered around the house now fits perfectly in my Nosework Road kit bag!

Nosework Kit bag from the side


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