Great weekend of agility in Asheville.

23 Jan

Wow what a weekend at the Blue Ridge Agility Trial in Asheville!

Wyatt Cleans up!

On Friday morning we headed up to Asheville for 2 days of Agility.   Wyatt had 4 perfect runs -which earned him 2 “Double Q’s” A Double Q means you get two qualifying runs in the same day. A qualifying run has to be flawless.  To qualify for the AKC agility nationals, you need 6 QQ’s for the entire year, so earning 2 in two days gave is a great head start. This puts is 8 QQ’s away from MACH!

We were struggling somewhat last year in agility – with  one minor wrong move here or there which would cost us the run. What was also happening was Wyatt was getting faster and faster and more and more “hyped”. Trying to navigate 19 obstacles with a dog in the mode isn’t fun – and feels like driving a Ferrari on ice.  Part of what I find so fun about Agility is the teamwork.  The trials at the end of 2011 felt more like I was trying to just hang on. He also started to bark at me through many parts of our runs. In the past he only barked at me when I made a mistake 😛

This weekend I tried something different. Instead of getting Wyatt “geared up” before running (tugging, lots of tricks, running around), I tried a more calming approach to our warm-up.  Some massage, heeling,  sit stays.  He was focused, on task, with minimal barking. I thinking this calming warm-up is the way to go! We’ll see what happens at our next trial in Tennessee in a few weeks.

Here is one of our runs.


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