A Doberman Puppy!

13 Dec

I finally did it.  This fall I got a Doberman puppy.  Frankly I haven’t posted about her earlier because I have been too exhausted 🙂 I think I am finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel now that she is 5 months old.  She is from an amazing working line out of Tammy Weldon at Swift Run Dobermans.Heading home with Ivy

When I starting telling people I was getting a Doberman, the first reaction usually was “You are switching breeds?”. I found that question funny because I have owned Springer Spaniels, Boston Terriers, Jack Russells, a Chihuahua, Japanese Chin, and Whippet.  So not exactly switching to anything.  I love all dogs, not just one breed of dog, though I am of course partial to a few.

Doberman and Greyhound Puppies playingWe drove up to Bowling Green Kentucky on Friday to pick up the puppy on a Saturday morning.  Tammy had picked the puppy for me – so that took off alot of the pressure. I was third in line for pick. She new I had hoped to one day to Schutzhund (I.P.O.) one day, or some other performance type training. There were 3 “top pick” puppies being looked at two by other trainers (one Schutzhund and one SAR). Orange (who turned out to be my puppy) was in the running with both other handlers. I was very pleased knowing that which ever puppy I got was within the top 3 of the litter for performance picks!



Doberman at CafeSo on an early Saturday morning in October I got to meet “Ivy” AKA Swift Run Harvard Ivy League. I had the rest of the pack with me and did “introductions” right then and there since everyone had to be in the car together for a few hours on the ride home. Ivy was a little nervous at first, but after a few minutes and a few treats everyone was fine. I had some reservations about having a big dog with my 4 pound Japanese Chin Ren, so from day 1 Ivy knew she had to leave Ren along and has actually done very well with that.

I took 3 days off at the beginning on the week for “maternity leave” so I could make sure everyone was settled the the pack would be OK with my husband at home when I was at work – I wish I would have had 3 weeks. I hadn’t had a puppy since Simon my whippet 13 years ago, and forgot how totally exhausting it was (IS!)Rain Day


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