K9 Nosework Tournament

11 Mar

Melanie of Pawsitively Purrfect Pet Concierge held a fantastic Nosework Tournament this weekend in Douglasville, Georgia. About 17 teams entered ($20 fee) and could select to work on either just Birch or Birch/Anise. Registration started at 3pm, and the Tournament started shortly after. Melanie was gracious enough to hold this event on her farm, which included 2 homes, and agility field, and a cow pasture. She enlisted friends, family and neighbors to help (many who hadNosework Tournament Scorecard never seen Nosework before) but everyone did a super job.

Everyone received a scorecard and map of the hide “stations” on the property. There were 9 hide locations, and a seperate birch and anise area and attendant at all locations (We did Birch/Anise). Each hide area included between 4-6 hides and you either had 1 or 2 minutes to search the area and find as many hides as possible.  The attendants would start the timer when your dog’s nose crossed the threshold, and told you YES or NO when you called alerts. The timers would automatically beep when the time was up. You then wrote the number of hides you found on your scorecard.  Each team was assigned a different station to start at so there wouldn’t be much waiting around as people rotated through each search area.

The search areas included:

– an agility field with easter eggs

– 2 vehicle search areas (tractor included)

–  Several outdoor areas – Ren did NOT like these areas (but still worked through it) as she had to walk through heavy Pinestraw

– 2 Interior searches

– Container search – all different kinds of containers, bags, etc

– Bonus Search – A Water search. Melanie had hid odor in a creek (marked by 2 blue flags) I took a look at the creek, but didn’t go near it – Ren HATES water and baths.
Some of the more water loving dogs had a blast with that hide and many of them found it.

Well after this I sure don’t have to be worried about Ren having enough endurance to work Multiple hides at the upcoming NW2 trial!  She found 22 hides in 17 minutes of searching time.  The easter eggs were the first search, which I got a few false alerts on (Apparently all the dogs had a tough time on this hide) She nailed all the interiors and container and also worked all the vehicles very well.  The exteriors weren’t as enthusiastic, but she was having a hard time in the deep pinestraw. The last hide in her rotation was an interior, which she found all 4 hides in within 2 minutes like a sniper 🙂  so I was THRILLED with that ending.

Ren came in 2nd, with the first place dog finding 24 hides. Melanie had “gift boxes” prepared for the top 3 placing teams in both Birch and Birch/Anise. What a GREAT practice just a few weeks away from our NW2 trial. My biggest takeaway is a reminder that I really need to be prepared for some false alerting on the first search – and to make sure I am patient enough to read it correctly.

Ren claiming her Prize

Ren claiming her Prize


2 Responses to “K9 Nosework Tournament”

  1. Elizabeth Smith March 18, 2013 at 8:03 am #

    It was so great to meet you at the tournament! A special thanks to your awesome trial prep post…we just got our NW1 and took 1st place at the Newberry trial!!!! THANK YOU!

  2. wyattjrt March 18, 2013 at 8:29 am #

    Elizabeth congrats!!! that is awesome! And thanks for reminding me to read my checklist before our NW2 trial in 2 weeks 🙂

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