Agility Hiatus

19 Jun

If it wasn’t for Ivy we could have had a pretty quiet spring as far as training goes.  Wyatt and I had a very active spring planned as far as agility trials went. He just needed (and still needs) one more QQ for the long awaited MACH!!  We got Not happyvery close, missing QQ #20 by just one knocked bar.

On top of agility I had hoped to do some Terrier trials, CAT Lure coursing and Barnhunt with him. Our plans changed…

A few days before what was supposed to be the trial where he finally got his MACH sometime in March, he injured his toe chasing a squirrel in the yard. I wasn’t that concerned as that happens quite often.   The following day he was still really limping, so he went on crate rest and Metacam. Next day, still limping to we took him to the vet.  Turned out his toe was infected so he had to spend the week in his crate on antibiotics, and we pulled from the agility trial.

This went on for months. They toe never really got better. I soaked it,  tried homeopathic remedies, laser treatments, specialists, xrays… All the doctors told me nothing was wrong. But there was something wrong. Wyatt wasn’t limping anymore, but he was destroying his toe by chewing on it. He was obsessed with it, he was miserable, I was miserable. He wouldn’t go outside, eat, play, tug – he only wanted to chew on his foot. He wore a cone 24X7. Because he couldn’t get to his toe to chew on it because he was wearing an eCollar, he would drag his toe on the floor, back up, then lick the ground where his toe had been. This went on for weeks. The vet starting talking Amputation…

He went back to the vet a few weeks ago (3 months after the original injury) I told nothing had changed and suggested doing a culture on the toe. They took 2 cultures and said it would be weeks to get results back.  I couldn’t take him home to watch him in his zombie-like toe eating mode without trying SOMETHING else, so asked them to give him some injectable antibiotics, which they did.Jack Russell in eCollar

He was 100% better within 24 hours. This was about 2 weeks ago. The cultures just came back positive for Enterococcus and Pasteurella. He is going back on another round of antibiotics today, just in case there is anything left lurking.

We attended a Rally Obedience workshop this past weekend, and Wyatt was SO thrilled to be doing something. He is at Daycare today for the first time since the incident. We are entered in an upcoming agility trial and Barnhunt fun day.

On another positive note,  I filed my first Pet Insurance claim with the carrier we have been with for a few years, Pet Plan. The process was fairly easy, and I got my reimbursement check for exactly what I expected within a few weeks!

So fingers crossed the toe stays well – and we can get back to having fun.


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