Tracking, IPO, MACH and More.

12 Nov

Lots of updates since my last post.He didn't get the whole thing!

MACH! – Wyatt got finally did it! He just turned 8 and is starting to really enjoy sleeping in – so very glad we reached our goal.  I will probably enter more trials with him here and there, but frankly the long long days of hanging out at AKC trials just aren’t that fun for me anymore. Here he is getting his MACH STEAK! He got to enjoy this over several meals 🙂

Nosework – Not much going on, and not sure if I will go back to the sport. Maybe eventually with Ivy… Frankly am a little put off with all the drama around the sport, the clicques (PUN INTENDED) and what I have personally encountered with censorship of my opinions. Enough said on that topic.


Tracking – Ivy got her TD. To confess, we probably only practiced tracking 10 times. She certified her first try, and got her TD the first try, and the test day was the first time I had ever been to a TD.  She is a very confident tracker – and comes off the start with great precision. Again, I had never seen another dog track before, so was surprised to see all of the other dogs at the trial not even make it past the first flag. I am VERY spoiled with her!
My Nosework experience really helped us on the track – following her and letting her do the work.

This past summer she tracked my best friend back from a hike. My friend left the hike early, and Ivy was a little upset by that. After we turned back, Ivy eventually picked-up my friends scent, and tracked her all the way back to our cabin – head down, over streams, roads, and through the woods. I quickly realized that she WAS tracking and made sure not to lead her, I just followed. At that point I thought, Hmmm – she is pretty good at this – we should try and get our TD.  And we did 🙂

IPO – I finally have a sport/club to focus on with Ivy. I have joined a fantastic Working Dog Club in Atlanta. The club members are welcoming, supportive and have some really nice working dogs.  We are going to start over with Tracking and I am starting to teach footstep tracking (We will come back to AKC tracking later). We have a really good foundation in Obedience and other skills as I have been enrolled in the Denise Fenzi Dog Sports Academy for about a year now.  We have worked with a helper a few times now – Ivy in confident and unphased by anythign the helper throws at her. This is her favorite part of the sport. Schutzhund


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