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Organic Wheat Grass

9 Aug

Organic Wheat Grass

Some days while walking, the dogs would rather stop and eat grass instead of participating the walking part.  I for sure don’t trust letting the dog’s  eat grass that could be sprayed with who knows what. Instead I grow my own Organic Wheat Grass.  There are tons of claims of health benefits from eating Wheat Grass – and I am not sure if they are true – but knowing how bad the dogs want to eat the grass and seeing how happy they are when they get a fresh crop makes it worth it.

I ordered a bag of Organic Wheatgrass seed from Amazon.com. Its enough to last for a long time so I am keeping it in a sealed container.  It’s really easy to get sprouted. See the video below. Once you have the sees moist and in the dirt, keep in the somewhat dark until you the seeds starting to sprout. The move into a sunny windowsill. Throughout the sprouting keep the dirt moist. Your grass should be ready in about seven days.

Sprouting the Wheatgress.

Here is Ren enjoying the “crop”