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Canine Nose Work

23 Nov

UPDATED APRIL 2014: If you click on some of the items below, you will see they are no longer available for purchase.  The “founding fathers” had this items removed from Zazzle claiming that they violated their intellectual property.  I have been doing dog sports for 20+ years, and have seen HUNDREDS of items available for MACH, OTCH, TD including magnets, patches, etc. When I made the title brag items for nosework I never once did I think the “firm” would not want people bragging about titles. But whatever. I was a member and active volunteer paying for my own travel, using vacation days to volunteer, and was excited promote the sport. Apparently they also feel like the own the phrases “May the Source be With you” and “I Love my Nosework Dog”.  Disappointing to invest so much time, training, money and effort into a sport and then get so turned off by the organization. 




Canine Nosework Sweatshirt

Nose work Sweatshirt – I Love my Nosework Dog

So if you have read my previous posts, you already know I am a  huge fan of K9 Nose Work®

What is K9 Nose Work®? The official website says : The activity and sport of K9 Nose Work® is designed to develop your dog’s natural scenting abilities by using their desire to hunt and their love of toys, food and exercise.  It’s a great way for your dog to have fun, build confidence, and burn lots of mental and physical energy.

The best way to get started in Nosework is to attend an official Nosework workshop.

Second, you will want to see if there is a K9 Nosework instructor in your area.

Ren and I have been doing Nosework for about 8 months now, and just recently passed our ORT with a SUPER time of 6.6 seconds 🙂

If you have tried it, you are probably hooked like I am! And since we are about to begin a weekend known for retail therapy, I thought I would share a few Canine Nosework tshirts and such that you can start your shopping off with.

Canine Nosework t-Shirt

May the Source be with you – K9 Nosework tshirt.Nose work Sweatshirt – I Love my Nosework Dog

Nosework Mug


ORT in the Southeast

13 Nov

What to expect at a K9 Nose Work® ORT

So Ren and I were lucky enough to participate in the first ORT in the Southeast that was held today, along with 49 other Nosework teams.

Christy and Lisa

First off – a huge thanks to the organizers Lisa Rodier, ANWI and Christy Waehner, ANWI. Awesome day – with lots of effort and planning involved.

We arrived at 9am. It was a little cool in Atlanta this morning, but quickly warmed up. The parking areas were clearly separated with Reactive dogs having a quieter space with fewer people and dogs going by the cars. The vibe in the parking lot was calm and quiet.

Running Order

The running order was clearly posted at one end of the parking lot. I was happy to see we were the 8th dog in – pretty early in the running order. Dogs hung out in the cars, while competitors chatted waiting for registration to begin at 9am.

Ready to sign-in

Waivers and Sign-in

Sign-in began promptly at 9am – it just took a few minutes to stand in line and sign your waiver and photo release.

ORT Briefing

The Briefing was held at 9:30am. All the details needed to have a successful ORT run were reviewed. Lisa and her team were very prepared, covered lots of details and answered questions. We then actually got to walk through the “traffic flow” from being at the gate, to the practice boxes, to being on deck, and then got to see the actual search area.

Cool Down Area . You can see the warm-up boxes in the background

There were boxes available before and after your search. Great idea having boxes for “after” for any dogs that struggled with the search – as you could then allow them to end the day with success.

Waiting her turn

Ren was calm and cool waiting in the car for her turn. Even though she was 8th in the running order, we didn’t sit around much after briefing as things moved pretty quick. Our name was called to move into the “gate” position and we did. I let Ren see me load her treat bag with some great stuff – so she knew something was up. After waiting at the gate for just a few minutes, we then moved to the warm-up boxes (when the dog ahead of us moved on) I set her up for a practice search just like I do in class. She found the birch no problem and got a rewarded. After that first practice search we moved away from the boxes and just waited our turn. We next moved to the “on deck” area – which was not too far from the entrance to the search area. I gave the volunteer manning the door our score book. We then were on “the line”! We entered the search room – and Ren just seems to focus on the boxes from the beginning. I took almost all of the 10 seconds to talk to Ren and let her look around a bit – and then put her down on the start line and told her to search. She started walking up one of the lines of boxes (there were 2 rows of 10) and I just let her lead. She systematically sniffed each box in one of the lines, and alerted (she uses her paw – she picked that herself) I then said ALERT, the judge said “CORRECT” and I bent down to give Ren some of the roast beef from her treat bag right next to the box. Total time – 6.62 seconds 🙂

We did it!

I couldn’t ask for much better than that!!! Now looking forward to the Continuing Nosework Seminar in Asheville next weekend.

Official Nosework Scorebook

24 Sep
Official Scorebook for Nosework

We are “official”! Our Canine Scent Work Official Scorebook has arrived -in plenty of time before our ORT test in November. We have been practicing about 3-4 times a week. Now that it’s not 90F outside we have started doing alot more outdoor work.  Ren did her first “vehicle” search at class last night – and kicked butt!

Birch Scent lasts a long time…

19 Aug

For anyone reading this post that does Nosework with your dog, you might find it interesting. I apologize to everyone else!

So I decided to do a few finds with Ren this afternoon in the bedroom, as we haven’t work in there in a few weeks. The room has “extra stuff” out like suitcases, phone chargers, paperwork etc as we are getting ready for our trip to Santa Monica next week!

On a separate note, I have been doing some research into the height of finds in Nosework trials. I have been wondering how Ren would be able to eventually handle a 4ft find…

Anyway, I placed my container with Birch near the head of my bed on a low nightstand – usually pretty easy for Ren.  She entered the room and started working –  a few moments zeroed in on my dresser. She kept standing there staring at my dresser (her indicator is a “stare at mom”). She even got up on her hind legs trying to sniff higher up. Being the smart handler that I am, I KNEW the find wasn’t there.  She just stood there  and I wasn’t sure what was going on. Eventually I “helped” her locate the find I placed and rewarded.

The round metal container under the paper has the birch Qtip in it.

Shortly after that I was looking for my car keys – which we also on the dresser – and spotted what she found.  In February 2010 I attended a Nosework Seminar with Amy and Ron in Canton, Georgia. About a week after that I bought a tin and birch and played around with Wyatt and Nosework for a bit – then stopped (more on that later). Ren had found the container that hadn’t been scented since 2010 (that still had the Q-tip in it) that was on my dresser with a bunch of stuff I randomly pulled out of a drawer. UGH!! She indicated on a VERY faint scent and I ignored it. I hate it when I mess my dogs up. I grabbed the container and some treats and did a few really easy finds on the very faint scent.  She nailed it every time.

O.R.T – Odor Recognition Test

17 Aug

We are registered for an ORT test in November! An ORT is part of the K9 Nosework training I am going with Ren. It the first step in preparing to compete in Nosework trials. Basically she has to do one of her “find it” drills from my prior post in front of a judge. We are very excited. It looking at the National Association of Canine Scent Work (NACSW) website, there are currently no other Chin with a Nosework title. Would be exciting if we could be one of the first! Still at least a year away though… We are also attending a Continuing Nosework Seminar in Asheville in November. We currently take a fabulous weekly class at Canine PHd in Atlanta – so we are well on our way to trying out competition one day.

One thing I have not done a good job at is having Ren work with a harness and long line on. We have done all her training off leash. When introducing a new “skill” to your dog, you never want to change more than one thing at a time. Even though walking around with a harness and leash on might not seem like a big deal to us, it can really through a dog off.  After learning the ORT had to be performed on leash, I ordered Ren a Pink Camo harness. It’s not easy finding her a harness that fits – it has to be a “Step-in” type because most of slip over the head  harnesses that small enough for her body won’t fit over her head. Anyway  – we practiced Nosework at home this week first with just the harness, then a few times with the long-line attached. We will see how this pans out at class tonight.

No Problem at class!