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2011 Atlanta Botanical Gardens Reindog Parade 2nd Place Winner!

12 Dec

What a great weekend! We attended the Atlanta Botanical Gardens 2011 Reindog Parade.  The category we entered was called “Best Botanical” I taught Ren to sit in a flower pot – and then had her wear the “flower” on her head. She was sooo good! So many people wanted to come up to her and pet her.  We won 2nd place 🙂 and got to meet Victoria Stillwell, (the MC of the parade) afterwords. Here  is a link to the  youtube video . We are the next dog on the stage once the video starts. Check out Victoria’s reaction when she see’s Ren!

Ren, Victoria and Tracy

Victoria Stillwell and Ren

Ren wins Best Botanical 2nd Place!



Wyatt’s 6th Birthday

30 Oct

It is Wyatt’s 6th Birthday this weekend. My friend Jayne was here for the weekend with her dogs for an agility trial – so it was perfect for a party. There is a great local Dog Bakery called Tajma Hound. Of course Wyatt’s cake was in the shape of a Squirrel

Bark in the Park – Atlanta Braves

23 Sep

We went to the Atlanta Braves Bark in the Park Event. Two times per year they have a day where dogs are allowed to come to a ball game. Dog owners have to enter the park through a special entrance and climb about a million stairs to get the the top floor of the stadium. Once up there, they have pools for the dogs to cool of in (Ren would have no part of that) dog treats, dog icecream, and regular concessions for people. Was a fun day!

Where is Chipper?

Birch Scent lasts a long time…

19 Aug

For anyone reading this post that does Nosework with your dog, you might find it interesting. I apologize to everyone else!

So I decided to do a few finds with Ren this afternoon in the bedroom, as we haven’t work in there in a few weeks. The room has “extra stuff” out like suitcases, phone chargers, paperwork etc as we are getting ready for our trip to Santa Monica next week!

On a separate note, I have been doing some research into the height of finds in Nosework trials. I have been wondering how Ren would be able to eventually handle a 4ft find…

Anyway, I placed my container with Birch near the head of my bed on a low nightstand – usually pretty easy for Ren.  She entered the room and started working –  a few moments zeroed in on my dresser. She kept standing there staring at my dresser (her indicator is a “stare at mom”). She even got up on her hind legs trying to sniff higher up. Being the smart handler that I am, I KNEW the find wasn’t there.  She just stood there  and I wasn’t sure what was going on. Eventually I “helped” her locate the find I placed and rewarded.

The round metal container under the paper has the birch Qtip in it.

Shortly after that I was looking for my car keys – which we also on the dresser – and spotted what she found.  In February 2010 I attended a Nosework Seminar with Amy and Ron in Canton, Georgia. About a week after that I bought a tin and birch and played around with Wyatt and Nosework for a bit – then stopped (more on that later). Ren had found the container that hadn’t been scented since 2010 (that still had the Q-tip in it) that was on my dresser with a bunch of stuff I randomly pulled out of a drawer. UGH!! She indicated on a VERY faint scent and I ignored it. I hate it when I mess my dogs up. I grabbed the container and some treats and did a few really easy finds on the very faint scent.  She nailed it every time.

O.R.T – Odor Recognition Test

17 Aug

We are registered for an ORT test in November! An ORT is part of the K9 Nosework training I am going with Ren. It the first step in preparing to compete in Nosework trials. Basically she has to do one of her “find it” drills from my prior post in front of a judge. We are very excited. It looking at the National Association of Canine Scent Work (NACSW) website, there are currently no other Chin with a Nosework title. Would be exciting if we could be one of the first! Still at least a year away though… We are also attending a Continuing Nosework Seminar in Asheville in November. We currently take a fabulous weekly class at Canine PHd in Atlanta – so we are well on our way to trying out competition one day.

One thing I have not done a good job at is having Ren work with a harness and long line on. We have done all her training off leash. When introducing a new “skill” to your dog, you never want to change more than one thing at a time. Even though walking around with a harness and leash on might not seem like a big deal to us, it can really through a dog off.  After learning the ORT had to be performed on leash, I ordered Ren a Pink Camo harness. It’s not easy finding her a harness that fits – it has to be a “Step-in” type because most of slip over the head  harnesses that small enough for her body won’t fit over her head. Anyway  – we practiced Nosework at home this week first with just the harness, then a few times with the long-line attached. We will see how this pans out at class tonight.

No Problem at class!

Not sure how a Kong is going to top this for entertainment while I am at work

17 Aug

The pictures tell the story…

What I saw on my couch when I walked in the door from work today

Point of Entry - the Fireplace

It looked like the squirrel got a nice last bite in

He wasn't hurt - it was just dried squirrel blood

The point of Terrier impact

Favorite Kong Recipes

11 Aug
Nothing like some stuffed Kongs to keep the crew busy for awhile. Even better if I remember to freeze them the night before, as they last a lot longer.
All you need is one of the many available Kong toys – and some of your favorite ingredients! Make sure to rinse the Kongs out when the dogs are done (if there is anything left). These brushes work really well too  Here are a few great recipes. Just combine, smear in the Kong, freeze, then serve!
Pepperoni Pizza – Press one slice of processed cheese inside the Kong. Microwave for a few seconds to melt. Add a few thin slices of turkey hotdog – make sure the hotdog gets stuck in the cheese. Freeze and serve!
Kool Kong Pop – Block the small whole in the kong with processed cheese. Fill with diluted low sodium chicken broth and partially freeze. Add pieces of crumbed biscuit, jerky etc and the freeze solid and serve.
Fall Feast – Blend plain yogurt, canned pumpkin (not pie filling) and a handful of chopped peanuts. Fill, freeze and serve.
Jungle Smoothie – Mashed banana, plain yogurt, coconut flakes
Apple Cheesecake – Mix unsweeted apple sauce, light cream cheese and a handful of dogfood kibble.

Busy Dogs!