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NW2 – Ready or not, here we come.

21 Feb

Ren and I travelled to Alabama in early January to go for our Anise ORT.  In several classes leading up to the ORT, she had started false alerting on the boxes. Thankfully she did it enough that I was able to learn the difference between “Just Kidding” (she would hit the box with herWe passed our Anise ORT! paw then move on) versus “OK I mean it” (hit the box with her paw and not leave) I was pretty “spoiled” with her indications, because up until recently she was 100% accurate and would only paw if she really meant it, so I would call ALERT right away. Since her “Just Kidding” started (which she did at our first Anise ORT and I called a false alert) I have had to learn to at least count to 3 in my head before calling it.

Well at her Anise ORT she went straight to a box, stood there with her paw on it, I counted to three in my head, called it (and it correct!) and her time was still just 6:53 seconds.  The judge was a K9 Officer who was also the judge for her Birch ORT, which she got in 6:72 seconds. The birch ORT was one of his first judging experiences, and was so floored that a little dog could do so well, I was happy for him to see her beat that time!So after passing that we entered the NACSW NW2 trial in Hoover, AL on Friday, March 29, 2013 and got in. Shortly thereafter though, Ren started not feeling so hot, and we really haven’t practiced much since. Long story short, she is now eating a homemade diet, is feeling better, and we have just over a month to prepare J

Endurance: Ren and I have almost always practiced 3+ hides at a time, so she has plenty of experience in this.

Food Distracter:  Have done this a few times and she hasn’t cared at all. I need to proof it a few more times with a higher value food item and see what happens.

Height:  Ren is about 8 inches tall at the withers.  A 4ft height could be challenging.  Our biggest problem could be time, because it takes her a while to run back and forth within the scent cone of a tall hide to narrow down source.

Inaccessible Hides:  She is pretty good at this – we haven’t done a ton, but she seems to understand the concept that she might not be able to get to everything – just alert when she can get as close as possible. We have done hides in drink machines, cupboards and closest with closed doors, garbage cans with lids on… feeling pretty good them.

Containers/Luggage: Again – this is something we have practiced from the beginning so should be OK, but will for sure get some more practice in before the trial.

No matter how much more practice we get in though, Ren is so is SO odor obedience, runs her fastest, tries her hardest,  barks to get started (she never barks) I am just going to have to “trust my dog”  and have fun!!!

Starting to feel better!

Starting to feel better!