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Organic Freezy Pups

14 Aug

We just got our order from GW Little – which included a dog treat that I hadn’t tried yet (a miracle) called Freezy Pups.  They are like a popsicle for dogs. The flavors include Chicken Soup Recipe, White Cheddar Cheese, Juicy Apple and Sweet Potato ‘n Maple. They were super easy to make – and something to cool the dogs down in the still very summery South.

Organic Freezy Pup Dog Treats

Flavor Packets

Easy to make

Ready to eat

Wyatt enjoying his Freezy Pup!


Favorite Kong Recipes

11 Aug
Nothing like some stuffed Kongs to keep the crew busy for awhile. Even better if I remember to freeze them the night before, as they last a lot longer.
All you need is one of the many available Kong toys – and some of your favorite ingredients! Make sure to rinse the Kongs out when the dogs are done (if there is anything left). These brushes work really well too  Here are a few great recipes. Just combine, smear in the Kong, freeze, then serve!
Pepperoni Pizza – Press one slice of processed cheese inside the Kong. Microwave for a few seconds to melt. Add a few thin slices of turkey hotdog – make sure the hotdog gets stuck in the cheese. Freeze and serve!
Kool Kong Pop – Block the small whole in the kong with processed cheese. Fill with diluted low sodium chicken broth and partially freeze. Add pieces of crumbed biscuit, jerky etc and the freeze solid and serve.
Fall Feast – Blend plain yogurt, canned pumpkin (not pie filling) and a handful of chopped peanuts. Fill, freeze and serve.
Jungle Smoothie – Mashed banana, plain yogurt, coconut flakes
Apple Cheesecake – Mix unsweeted apple sauce, light cream cheese and a handful of dogfood kibble.

Busy Dogs!

Organic Wheat Grass

9 Aug

Organic Wheat Grass

Some days while walking, the dogs would rather stop and eat grass instead of participating the walking part.  I for sure don’t trust letting the dog’s  eat grass that could be sprayed with who knows what. Instead I grow my own Organic Wheat Grass.  There are tons of claims of health benefits from eating Wheat Grass – and I am not sure if they are true – but knowing how bad the dogs want to eat the grass and seeing how happy they are when they get a fresh crop makes it worth it.

I ordered a bag of Organic Wheatgrass seed from Amazon.com. Its enough to last for a long time so I am keeping it in a sealed container.  It’s really easy to get sprouted. See the video below. Once you have the sees moist and in the dirt, keep in the somewhat dark until you the seeds starting to sprout. The move into a sunny windowsill. Throughout the sprouting keep the dirt moist. Your grass should be ready in about seven days.

Sprouting the Wheatgress.

Here is Ren enjoying the “crop”

Diatomaceous Earth – Some Messy Stuff

5 Aug

This is a very exciting video. If you have read my earlier post about Organic Flea Control – you will know that this is Diatomaceous Earth that I am applying to my . In reading some of the reviews for this on Amazon before I bought it, people had mentioned they applied this INSIDE their house. Can you imagine? Anyway, saw one flea on Ren today so puffed this stuff all over the yard. Will keep you posted on results.

Bowls to make your dog eat more slowly

3 Aug

Do you wish your dogs would eat more slowly? I do.  Wyatt and Simon will gulp there food so fast then will usually end up choking. I think it’s worse is multi-dog households because the dogs want to eat as fast as they can so they can run over and eat other dogs food. Not fun for anyone!

Brake-Fast Bowl

I have a Brake-fast bowl for Wyatt.  It has 3 “bumps” in the center of it that dogs have to eat around. It slows  him down – but I am not sure how much a dog with a wider face would enjoy it. It was also fairly expensive and it’s starting to chip a bit. It does slow him down though.
Simon eats out of metal bowl with a stainless steel ball in it.  It works well too. I can out everything in the dishwasher, and the ball was just a few dollars from Petsmart. Either method works well – and slows the chowhounds down!

Dog Bowl with Stainless Steel Ball

Organic Flea Control

2 Aug

I try and put as little chemicals on and in my dogs as possible. I feed organic foods and treats. I use all natural grooming products. I follow Dr Dodd’s vaccine schedule. I only give Heartworm medicine only in the months dogs are exposed to mosquitos. I however still use Advantage (imidacloprid) like crack. Well not like crack – more like every 45 days during the summer months. Still – I felt I wanted to give “natural” flea control a try and that is what I am doing.

The dogs got an Advantage about 4 weeks ago and I saw the first flea on Wyatt yesterday. Normally I would have just reapplied the advantage. Here’s the new plan

For the house: Flea Trap light
I was skeptical about this at first – but it has “caught” 2 fleas in a few days. This “should” help with any fleas that get on the rugs, furniture, etc

For the yard: Diatomaceous Earth
Wow – this is some super fine powder. Don’t think of trying to apply it without something like this. I applied this all over the yard last night and it didn’t take very long.

For the dogs: Sentry Natural Defense
Not sure about this stuff. Its made of peppermint, clove, etc. I put just a few drops on Wyatt. He went out a short time later and did his best to grind the red clay in our yard into his fur to remove the dreadful citronelly smell. He did a pretty good job. He came to the back door – red with clay – with an extra greasy “rhodesian ridgeback like” line down his back. So 3 baths later – I thought maybe I would try some of the Diatomaceous on him…


Since this post on Aug 2, I have not had to use ANY CHEMICALS on the dogs!! I have had a few fleas here and there – but nothing a comb once a week couldn’t take care of.  I am not sure if was the dry weather or other factors – but we will have to see what happens next year!!


Ren Posing with the Flea Trap